“WHAT’S THE K?….KARIPANDE!” The 1st Italian Festival of Angolan Culture – 7th Edition
23rd – 26th april 2020 – Karipande 007 Edition

It will take place in Terni: a small pleasant town in the middle of Italy’s green heart, Umbria, which finds its symbol in the magnificent Marmore waterfalls. It is known as the city of lovers, being Saint Valentine its patron saint. Terni is one hour’s drive from Rome and Perugia and two hours from Florence.

KARIPANDE in Angola means the place that symbolizes youth. This festival would like to be a reward for all those young people around the world that with great energy are doing their best to promote Angolan Culture.

After having been presented to the highest Angolan Authorities, this project has been approved of by the Minister of Culture in Luanda, by the Angolan Ambassador in Italy and by the President of the Angolan Commission for the Expo 2015.

It will be the first Italian festival of Angolan Culture with workshops ranging from music to dances, to customs, to food and to all of Angola’s traditions. We will be joined by the greatest representatives of the international Kizomba scene.

It will be a festival focused mainly on the Kizomba, but we will have the opportunity to closely explore all the dances that have contributed to its birth: through Rebita, Kazukuta and Kabetula we will reach the discovery of the glee and improvisation of Semba finishing with the modern Kuduro which, together with the Afro-House, is fast becoming a big favourite with the new generations. We will also enjoy amazing moments of Tarraxinha, culminating in the famous Sex War.

In this festival we will see a perfect mix of tradition and evolution. The high professionalism and “Angolanity” of the artistic staff will be a guarantee for the superb level and authenticity of all the topics covered.


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Questo evento culturale è organizzato dall'ASD Pachanga

Phone:    tel. +39.324.77.30.717
Email:     karipande@karipande.com
Indirizzo: Via Del Sersimone 31 | 05100, Terni


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